Most of my writing is academic in nature: books, edited volumes, journals, conference papers, and so on. I have authored over 120 such publications.

The following is a summary of my academic writing:
  • Books: I have one book published and three books under contract: (1) Software Testing in the Cloud: Migration & Execution from Springer (2011); (2) Software Engineering in China: Research & Practice from Springer (2012), and (3) Software Testing in the Cloud: Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline from IGI Global (2012).
  • Book Chapters: I have had five book chapters published in my career. All book chapters were fully peer-reviewed.
  • Refereed Journal Articles: I have had nine refereed journal articles published in my career. I currently have two journal articles undergoing peer review and/or revision.
  • Refereed Journals Edited: I have edited one special journal issue.
  • Refereed Conference Papers: I have had 74 refereed conference papers published in my career, with two more papers currently under review. Several of these papers have appeared in the leading venues. For example, I have had two papers published in the most prestigious academic software engineering conference, ICSE: International Conference on Software Engineering.
  • Conference Proceedings Edited: I have edited or (co-edited) 12 conference proceedings. Leading academic organizations (e.g., ACM Press, IEEE Computer Society Press, Tsinghua University Press) typically published these collections.
  • Refereed Workshop Papers: I have had 12 refereed workshop papers published in my career. All workshop papers are fully peer-reviewed.
  • Technical Reports: I have written 16 technical reports.

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