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I write the weekly “Technology Today” column for the Florida Today newspaper, which is published by Gannett. The column appears every Friday in the Business section of the paper.

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2018 Columns

  • Goodbye: So long, and thanks for all the fish (Dec. 28)
  • Looking back at the big tech stories from 2018 (Dec. 21)
  • Which Google searches ruled 2018? (Dec. 14)
  • Cutting the Cord: New names include Acorn TV, BritBox, and CuriosityStream (Dec. 7)
  • Profound ethical questions as it appears eugenics is upon us: Get ready for CRISPR babies (Nov. 30)
  • How to be a data scientist: Prepare for 21st Century career (Nov. 23)
  • Technology hasn’t found a cure for Type 1 diabetes (Nov. 16)
  • Silent Disco a modern society metaphor (Nov. 9)
  • Welcome to augmented reality in the dining room (Nov. 2)
  • Scary stories from the technology world (Oct. 26)
  • In this age of ‘big data’ and new technologies, an updated policy on ethics (Oct. 19)
  • ‘Frankenfood’: Would you eat a burger grown in the lab? (Oct. 12)
  • The space race began Oct. 4, 1957 (Oct. 5)
  • Human-form robots as sex workers already here (Sept. 28)
  • The End of Home Cooking (Sept. 21)
  • The computer or the bug: Which one came first? (Sept. 14)
  • Florida technology: Living the good life here (Sept. 7)
  • Accessing online benefits enough to make you ill (Aug. 31)
  • A professor packs up his books and says goodbye to academia (Aug. 24)
  • Blockchain: It’s about a lot more than Bitcoins (Aug. 17)
  • Missing out on when technology decides for you (Aug. 10)
  • Streaming — has it killed music as we know it? (Aug. 3)
  • ‘RoboCop’ returns and, this time, art imitates life (July 27)
  • Should you worry about automation taking your job? Yes (July 20)
  • Video assistant referee keeps the players honest, the game fair (July 13)
  • Cutting cable cord, sort of: Why Hulu does, doesn’t rock (July 6)
  • Can we make technology great again? Sure we can (June 29)
  • Machines learn the art of persuasion (June 22)
  • World Cup: Predicting the winner with data science (June 15)
  • New apps to help you stop using apps (June 8)
  • Summer reading: AI, blockchain and new music technology (June 1)
  • Future dreams: Would androids count electric sheep? (May 25)
  • Google is taking robocalls to a whole new level (May 18)
  • Artificial intelligence finally is going mainstream (May 11)
  • Genetic engineering: Our food, our bodies, our selves (May 4)
  • Dad: Modern medical technology and the end of life (April 27)
  • Women in Technology: The keys to success (April 20)
  • Long Goodbye: Providing permanence for something slipping away (April 13)
  • What happens to your data after you’re gone? (April 6)
  • How to know all that Facebook knows about you (March 30)
  • Facebook data breach violated our trust (March 23)
  • Slaughterbots: AI meeting drones idea remarkable, scary (March 16)
  • Autonomous micro-drones are coming your way (March 9)
  • Robot comedy just moving right along (March 2)
  • Coded Couture: A great example of STEAM (Feb. 23)
  • Scott Tilley finds NASA’s lost satellite (Feb. 16)
  • Falcon Heavy launch into space proves our creative ambitions also limitless (Feb. 9)
  • ‘Person of Interest’: The state of surveillance (Feb. 2)
  • Big data – and big security issues (Jan. 26)
  • Big Data and privacy: We throw off data like a dog shakes off water (Jan. 19)
  • World Economic Forum: A global meeting of thought leaders in Davos (Jan. 12)
  • Looking Ahead to 2018: AR, automated assistants, and blockchain (Jan. 5)

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