Technology Today

The Technology Today column is published by CTS. Previously, I wrote the column for the FLORIDA TODAY newspaper, which is part of Gannett, from 2010-2018. The column appeared every Friday in the Business section of the paper.

Technical Power

Technical power is a newer form of political power that supports both soft power and hard power. For example, surveillance technology can be used to support diplomatic efforts (soft power). Artificial intelligence can be used to support drone swarms (hard power). As technology advances with ever-increasing speeds, the role of technical power will grow accordingly.

The column focuses on the societal and national security implications of advanced technology in cybersecurity, space, and foreign relations. These three areas are increasingly important to our national interests. Advanced technology is sometimes difficult to understand, given its very specialized nature, but that doesn’t mean its impact will be any less profound in our lives.

The Technical Power column is published by the American Security Council Foundation (ASCF).

Net Effects

From 1998-1999 I wrote the “Net Effects” column for SEI Interactive, an online publication from the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.


From 1997-2003 I was the author, editor, and publisher of SIGPC, which was an online publication with the mission of ”Exploring the Impacts of Pervasive Computing.” In seven years we published 84 articles; it is on hiatus for now. SIGPC was a blog before the word became popular.

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