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I write the weekly “Technology Today” column for the Florida Today newspaper, which is published by Gannett. The column appears every Friday in the Business section of the paper.

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2013 Columns

  • Technology issues dominated this year's headlines (Dec. 27)
  • The sky may not be the limit in deliveries of future (Dec. 20)
  • New-age smoke detector is a bit smarter (Dec. 13)
  • Simple sand a building block for technology's basic pieces (Dec. 6)
  • Disasters remind us of what we have (Nov. 29)
  • Super computing takes a quantum leap (Nov. 22)
  • Don't look now, our privacy is slowly slipping away (Nov. 15)
  • Virtual machines offer real benefits, some difficulties (Nov. 8)
  • Bungled ACA website launch no surprise (Nov. 1)
  • Apple's free release is no Maverick move (Oct. 25)
  • Nobel winners helped explain universe (Oct. 18)
  • A salute to National Newspaper Week (Oct. 11)
  • Stopping a wayward program not so easy (Oct. 4)
  • Power without cables? It could happen (Sept. 27)
  • Apple's iOS 7 works great, looks so-so (Sept. 20)
  • Apple's refreshed iPhone inspires yawns (Sept. 13)
  • Now is the time for boldness from Microsoft (Sept. 6)
  • Are you addicted to technology? (August 30)
  • 'Knock Three Times' to get people's attention (August 23)
  • Digital pen a new spin on note-taking (August 16)
  • Switching browsers is the new reboot (August 9)
  • Backups save recovered iPhone owner (August 2)
  • All not lost when an iPhone is (July 26)
  • How would you react to a lost iPhone? (July 19)
  • Give dad a PC he can actually use (July 12)
  • Englebart a true computing pioneer (July 5)
  • Real estate apps help buyers and sellers (June 28)
  • Look in the window, it’s no Apple store (June 21)
  • Maybe the tinfoil hat brigade was right (June14)
  • Personal technology can cool you down (June 7)
  • Infrastructure vulnerable to computer glitches (May 31)
  • Keep tech in mind, on summer reading list (May 24)
  • Cloning people is bound to happen (May 17)
  • Why buy software when you can rent? (May 10)
  • At this time of year, don’t forget to thank teachers (May 3)
  • Under surveillance? Don't expect privacy (April 26)
  • College seniors learn by doing design projects (April 19)
  • Google Glass: Who watches the watchers? (April 12)
  • Soon, your phone might be watching you (April 5)
  • Key fobs: A solution in search of a problem (March 29)
  • Smartphones help technology skip a step (March 22)
  • Happy Day! Stop texting so much, already (March 15)
  • Yahoo! leader could find herself very alone (March 8)
  • Nook simply couldn't cut it in e-reader competition (March 1)
  • Don’t let cyber attacks happen to you (Feb. 22)
  • Young engineers must tinker with stuff (Feb. 15)
  • Declare Valentine’s your no-keyboard day (Feb. 8)
  • Fitbit: A bit of technology helps with fitness (Feb. 1)
  • Does this sound right? Now, you can know (Jan. 25)
  • Security flaws continue to plague Java (Jan. 18)
  • Next-generation online thermostat programs itself then learns about you (Jan. 11)
  • What to expect from the Consumer Electronics Show (Jan. 4)

Past Columns

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